We Plan, You Plant - Design Service

This unique and exciting service is offered to you by us as a way to get professional landscape design help for your smaller do it yourself projects. We also offer professional plant installation for an extra charge. Here is how the program works…
Stop by or call Stringer's Poplar Pointe Garden Center to make an appointment with our Landscape Designer. At that time you will be given a "We Plan You Plant" brochure for the cost of $50. The brochure contains a $25 gift card that can be used towards your purchases. The brochure contains a 10 point site questionnaire that helps us best understand your needs. It also has an area for you to provide us dimensions, site orientation; photos (after all a picture is worth a 1000 words!) and whatever else will help us to help you!
When you show up at your appointed time our designer will have all the information they need to draw you a beautiful design all in one easy 45 minute meeting. You can even make your purchases right then and be planting that day. It’s just that easy!

Please call 901-754-5700 to set up an appointment.
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